-------FAIR USE OF PAGES MATERIALS-----------------


Generally if you have a newsletter or community newspaper that you send to employees or customers, you can subscribe to PAGES and use our materials in your newsletter! -


But we do have some common sense restrictions. -



1. Paid subscribers may use PAGES materials in their own newsletters in print, on the Web, or in email unless the use violates the restrictions mentioned below.

2. No credit need be given to PAGES for fair use of materials. Paid subscribers may put their own byline on PAGES materials.

3. We generally don't care how many people receive your newsletter or newspaper.

4.You can even use our articles in a Web page, blog, email, twitter, newspaper column or advertisement that has your name on it. You don't have to give PAGES credit.


-Scroll down for restrictions.



1. You may not distribute PAGES materials to others as newsletter filler either for free or as a paid service. In other words, you can't give a PAGES article to another person to use in their newsletter. You can't give it free and you can't collect money for it. We consider giving away our materials free a worse offense than reselling them.

Obviously, you can't set up a business like the PAGES service and use our materials as your product.

a. You can't set up a service similar to PAGES and then use our materials as your product.

b. You may not resell PAGES materials. (Contracts for "resale as filler" might be available to selected parties beginning at $2,000 per year.)

c. You may not distribute any PAGES materials as a giveaway to other people who do newsletters.

For example, you can't advertise to people who do newsletters and claim you have free clipart and then give them PAGES clipart. d. Merely altering clipart does not make it your own. You can't take a piece of PAGES clipart, then make a minor or major change in it and then say it is your clipart.

2. FOR INTERNET SEARCH BUSINESSES. PAGES is not designed to supply internet search engine traps with content. If you wish to subscribe anyway, you MUST follow these rules. If you are found in violation, you WILL be cancelled without refund and if you do not subsequently comply, legal action will be taken against you. You MUST buy a $300 site license along with your subscription. PAGES might increase the price of this license without notice. You may not post more than 5 articles from any one PAGES category at one time on your Website. PAGES has 12 categories. That rule still allows you to post 60 articles at a time. If you are found in violation of this rule, you will be dropped as a PAGES subscriber and you will NOT be reimbursed for your subscription.

3. You may not use PAGES materials (articles, art, puzzles, cartoons) on commercial items such as clothing, cups and mugs, plates, etc.

4. You may not use PAGES cartoons or cartoon characters in advertising without permission. Call us for permission information, 765 677 0486.

5. PAGES reserves the right to cancel any subscription at any time without refund.

6. You may not use PAGES materials in more than three in-house newsletters. All three newsletters have to be produced in the same company for the local office. In other words, you can use materials from one PAGES subscription in your employee newsletter, customer newsletter and management newsletter. But if you wish to do more than 3 newsletters for different companies or different branches of your company, you MUST buy a site license.

7. You MUST buy a $500 site license if


You do more than 3 newsletters for other companies or branches of your company.

*You do custom newsletters for more than three companies. Custom newsletters are unique in terms of content and design and created for one company or individual. They are not based on a template. See below for a description of template newsletters.

*You and other people in your company all do separate newsletters and you want to share the subscription. One company can't buy one subscription and let people from different offices or departments or facilities who are all doing different newsletters all use the same subscription. It isn't fair to the people who support their families at PAGES. .

Call for more information toll free 866 677 0486.

8. Template newsletter businesses. A template newsletter is a newsletter that is a standard product created once and customized (or not) for different clients or entities. We will evaluate licenses for template newsletter uses and businesses on a case-by-case basis. However, you cannot expect to buy a $300 site license and use our materials in all your newsletters. Major template newsletter companies will be considered resellers. Reseller licenses for approved vendors range from $2,000 to $5,000. If you have any questions call Jae at 765-677-0486.

Call 765-677-0486 for account information. Thanks!