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Save time, make your newsletter
relevant, popular, timely.

If you are like most newsletter editors, your newsletter is not your only job.

Here's a fact for you:

Every person who writes a newsletter or a newspaper runs out of time and runs out of things to say.

Busy people shouldn't have to constantly search for the articles -- and all the extras -- they need for their newsletter.

PAGES offers articles and matching art in 12 categories, including technology, business, sports, safety, holidays, health, seasonal, home and family, safety, cartoons, puzzles, and more. You can get online and find an article on our Web site right now or you can order our CD-ROM.

With more than 60 articles in every issue (and literally thousands on the PAGES Web site), you have wide variety of articles to choose from.

If you want to save time and add interest to your publication, turn to PAGES. We'll give you lots of articles to choose from every month (60 to 70) plus 4 to 5 new cartoons, 3 to 4 new puzzles, plus more than 40 fresh pieces of art. Plus, you'll have the confidence that all your materials are copyright free and accurate.